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   We are constantly in need of goods and supplies in order to provide the best possible service to our guests. Below is a list of items we are in need of. If you can be of assistance in providing any of these items please contact us.

SERVING SUPPLIES - Plastic forks, plastic spoons, paper napkins, 10oz styro cups, salt and pepper packets, sugar packets, sweet n low packets, creamer packets.
TOILETRIES - body soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, baby oil, deodorant, hair gel, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, foot powder, combs, body scrubbers, adult diapers, baby diapers, q-tips.
CLEANING SUPPLIES - brooms, mops, trash cans, trash bags, rake, ajax, Clorox, pinesol, dish soap, laundry soap, toilet bowl cleaner, windex, oven degreaser, scubbing pads and cleaning towels.
CLOTHING - new socks, new underwear, gloves, hats, jackets, tennis shoes (Men, women and children)
GEAR - sleeping bags, rain ponchos, blankets, backpacks

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